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In this article, I will be covering 10 things to know about customers so that you will know how to meet their needs and satisfy them also.

Gone are the days’ anyone can run or launch a business without first of all knowing its market (customers) before anything.

Failure to know your market or customers very well may cause you failure because taking your product or service to the wrong market is what I am very sure you will not want to involve in so also many entrepreneurs too.

Therefore, read this article to the end and you will know how to spot out your customers in the market and how you will meet their needs too.


The first thing I always share with my clients or anyone that come on my way when they want to launch their business is to ask them who their customers are.

My question to you is this, do you know who your customers are?

If you don’t it is simple, there is a way out to spot out your customers in the market.

Make a list of those who your product or service will benefit and they are your customers.

One thing to consider when you are making the list is that you should avoid listing those who are not your customers in the list and also do not omit those who are your potential customers when making the list.

Also, there are other things you should also consider here, that is knowing them to the fullness.

For instance, if you sell directly to individuals, find out their gender, age, marital status, and occupation and if you sell to other businesses, find out what size and kind of business they are. For example, are they a small private company or a big multinational?


The first step is knowing who your customers are but here, you need to go further by knowing what they do because it will help you to understand the kind of product or service they are expecting from you.

For instance, if you sell directly to individuals, it’s worth knowing their occupations and interests and If you sell to other businesses, it helps to have an understanding of what their business is trying to achieve.

I guess you understand me here?


Many people, different customers.

I have seen scenarios where some customers care more about the quality of service delivery while some are not quality, it is the time frame delivery.

Also, some are neither both above but the cheap price and best offer and so on.

You need to figure out why your customers make buying decisions.

If you know why customers buy a product or service, it’s easier to match their needs to the benefits your business can offer.

Yes, it will be easier for you to meet customers’ needs once you know the reason behind their buying.


In the list of my customers, I have some that make buying decisions just once in a year while I have some who always make buying decisions often and repeatedly.

If you offer seasonal products or services that work for a particular season, it is your obligation to know the right and best season to bring those products or services to your customers.

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Let me say this that if you approach customers just at the time they want to buy, you will massively increase your chances of success.

Know exactly and the best time that your customers buy and reach out to them during that period.


With this modern-day technology where many customers will like to make their shopping easy by doing it over the internet whereas, we still have customers who will not use the internet to make their orders.

Know how your customers are willing to buy your products.

The best avenue they prefer so that you can serve them in that aspect and by so doing, it will increase your sales.

Like I said before, some people prefer to buy from a website, while others prefer a face-to-face meeting.

Discover the best methods of buying or purchasing that your customers want.


I will explain to you what I mean by knowing their spending power.

It is worth to know the income of your customers, what they can spend on a certain product.

You’ll be more successful if you can match what you’re offering to what you know your customers can afford.

My tip here is that, do not push a product higher than what your customers can afford to them because they won’t buy it simply because it is beyond their spending power or budget.


If there is one thing that is very important to know about customers is what makes them feel good about buying.

Many have lost interest in buying certain products all because they have been a lie to in the past and for you to now show that you are not like that, you will strong backing.

If you know what makes them tick, you can serve them in the way they prefer.


In the past, I have gotten myself in mess by helping customers to add certain features that I think they will need without consulting them for that before I proceed and at the end, they will reject the jobs and I will have to re-do the job again which the cost will be on me.

Once you strike an agreement with customers concerning a product or service, make sure what you both agree is what you will deliver and if there is anything you see that you may want to add to the job, let them know before you do it.

Ensure that the actual service or product you want to deliver is the same as what you both agree on.
For example, if your customers expect reliable delivery and you don’t disappoint them, you stand to gain repeat business. If it is within a time frame delivery they want, don’t disappoint them too and so on.


I have shared articles on how to control how customers feeling.

If your customers enjoy dealing with you, they’re likely to buy more.

The only way you can only tackle problems that customers have is if you know what they are.

That customer that is smiling and laughing with you can turn out to be something else if there is an issue with your service delivery.


Another thing to have in mind is how customers see your competitors so that you can quickly show up as someone better than your competitors.

If you know how your customers view your competition, you stand a much better chance of staying ahead of your rivals.

If your customers see them as the best, then work on yourself on how to become best.

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