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This article is for the newbies who want to leverage digital or internet to get more customers or clients and generate more sales or profit.

Online Marketing or Presence has been one of the most searchable topics on the internet.

Both the individuals and organizations wanted to have a good online presence and marketing

Hardly is there anyone nor organization that does not want to take over the internet with their business offerings.

We believe this article will help you to gain more attention over the internet but remember, your online presence will be as a result of how much you invested in learning and taking actions.

After the reading, please leave us a feedback so that we can use it to improve what we share.

Enjoy the reading.

So, let’s get started:


It is imperative that you know why you are on the internet.

Let me ask you this simple question, why are you on the internet?

If your goal is not to do anything meaningful on the internet then, this article may not be meant for you but I will advise you to read to the end because, in the end, you may later have a change of mind about the internet.

Know why you are on the internet.

As for me, I am on the internet to interact, learn, motivate, encourage, educate, and at the same time, make a good living.

So, how about you?

Let us move on.


Building your domain is a necessity on the internet and it is crucial too.

And, it is one of the missing links that is affecting many digital marketers or online marketers on the internet.

Many are yet to discover their niches or build their domains over the internet meanwhile, they have followers who count on them on a daily basis.

I have seen many folks who are very good at sending unwanted or unwarranted messages online.

Though what I mean by unwarranted or unwanted messages may differ from other people but what I am trying to say is that there are people who still share messages that are irrelevant in this web lifestyle age.

Some are the jack of all trades. They are doing this today and tomorrow it is something else and social media did not give room for that.

To build your domain, first, you need to discover the problem you can solve and then bring yourself out as the solution to that specific problem.

There are many problems you can solve over the internet. The list is endless. You can choose to sell or provide free products and services on the internet.

You can also function in different niches but you have to choose a particular niche that people will know you with and from there you can have your career switch tactically.

For instance, my niche is very simple and clear. I am a business savvy and e-commerce business expert.

I want to encourage you to pick a niche right away without any further delay. It is not polite to be a jack of all trade on the internet or to have no niche if you want to have good success over the internet.

Once again, pick a niche and let people know you in that niche.


Using a good and mature profile picture is another thing you will need to consider on the internet. If you really want to make a good impact and be among the thought leaders over the internet then get yourself a good and mature profile picture taken by a professional photographer if possible.

Also, use this picture across all your social media platforms that you belong to. Do not use different pictures on all your social media platforms.

Gone are those days that profile picture is not mandatory over the internet but today, it is not so. You need it and I also need it too. We all need to have a good looking and mature profile picture over the internet.

Good picture profile will speak well of you and, also open doors for business connections.

Another thing we may need to consider is that this profile picture must be your real picture in most case and you can also use your event e-flyer as a temporary profile picture and once the event is done and dusted, do not forget to remove it and replace it with your original profile picture.


Your profile must speak of who you are and what you do in details with no confusion. Use your real name (your first name first and the family name should come last)

Fill in your biodata too and if there is room to fill your necessary details, do so. You can take a look at the expert’s profiles on the internet to have an overview of how to write a creative social media bio or check Google or YouTube for resources.

Include your contact details but I will encourage you to use only e-mail, blog or website here to limit disturbances and for privacy.


Since you have already picked your niche, the next you should do is identify your audience.

Your audience is those people who need what you said you can solve the problem – niche or field.

Know them and know where they are hanging over the internet.

Know their income, age group, race and the rest you need to know concerning them.

Know where they are hanging and how you can reach them and the best time to reach them too because getting messages across to them at the wrong time is not ideal.


Many people are missing it here because of the issue of how to create creative contents, many have withdrawn back while some have silent themselves over the internet.

To write or dish out good contents is not easy but you have to force yourself and educate yourself on how to do it.

Remember, Practice makes perfect.

Another thing I will advise you to learn is story-telling. You need it in this aspect. The more you practice this, the better you will become.

Do not spam your audiences in the name of marketing your products or services over the internet. If you do, you might lose your dignity and respect.

Share contents that have value (educative and informative) and matter to your audiences. Something that will push them to read or check what you are saying and at the end make them take actions.

Something valuable that can make them grow is advisable here. Learn and master the art of using creative contents to reach out to your audiences.

It is a journey. The farther you go, the better you will become. The more you do try it, the better you will master it

By using educative contents to disseminate what you are selling or offering to your targeted audiences will do well for your online branding and add goodwill to your branding reputation.


What I mean here is that you should know the best ways to disseminate your contents to your audiences.

The vehicles here are the avenues you can use to reach to your customers online.

It could be through;

1. Text

2. Audio

3. Video

4. Display picture or e-flyer

5. Live video/audio


Learn to build relationship over the internet. Do not under estimate anyone over the internet.

Sometimes, we don’t know “who is who” over the internet.

Start with building a relationship whenever you meet a new lead on the internet.

It is not every time you must market or sell whenever you meet new people on the internet.

Treat people right over the internet both the visible and invisible followers


Many folks are on the internet who spend their time and energy to share, broadcast, or post irrelevant things across the internet whereas, they have what they are selling or offering offline but not over the internet.

They will never to talk about what they are selling offline on the internet.

These people post nothing less than 3 times per day but check those posts, they are irrelevant and enemies of brand reputation.

Don’t be among them anymore if you are still among them.

Find your way out and start speaking more about what you are selling or doing for living by using creative contents that are educative and informative.


No a tree can make a fores, we all need one and another.

Leverage with people around you and let iron sharpen the iron.

Team up with the people of like minds and the journey will be so easy and fast for you.

Check online and you will see people you can work or walk together and leverage on them.

Once again, no a single tree can make a forest.

You need people and people also need you too.

Make yourself available to be reach.


Another thing you need to do is, hang around with experts in your field and beyond the outside of your field too so that you can learn how they are doing their things over the internet.

Once you are around them, start imitating what they are doing that is generating them good income by taking the same steps they are taking

Remember, success is duplicate.


Internet business is not get rich quickly scheme.

Work hard and work smart

Do not be discouraged when the table is not turning to your side

There are many of us who have done so many things before we later find our ways out, do not be discouraged.

Remember, when you repeat the thing often and often without discouragement, at the end a ratio will show face.

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Internet has come to stay.

Improve and learn more.

Do not relent on your old knowledge.

Always improve yourself with quality information over the internet.


Learn the secrets that can fast track your success over the internet.

To succeed in anything, the first thing you need to discover the secrets that can fast track your success.

In most cases, those who can show you these secrets are those who have gone ahead of you.

Reach out to them and pay the price.

Once again, study what the experts and your competitors are doing that is generating them good income and start taken the same steps.

The more you do, the more you will get.

Keep trying

Go and have a good success over the internet.

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