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In this article, you will learn 27 ways you can market your product and services over the internet.

What I mean is that I will be sharing 27 tips with you in this article on how you can market your product and service over there internet.

Among the problems internet business renders are facing is how they can get their products and services in front of those who need them over the internet.

This issue has led many prominent internet business-renders to boycott the business of their dreams on the internet for something else.

It is not news anymore also that the so-called mentors, experts, coaches and the rest only motivate rather than showing the steps by steps one can take to market their products over the internet.

More aggressive marketing can lead to more sales which will bring about more profit or revenue.

This article will help and also show you how you can market your products or services over the internet.

So, let us go to the business of the day.

1. Instant Messenger (IM):

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Instant messenger is one of the most effective ways you can market your product or service over the internet.

Most instant messengers are free to use.

They can use on computers, mobile phones or tablets. If there is a tool that digital marketers use most to reach to their customers most, it is instant messengers.

The likes of Whatsapp, Facebook messenger, Telegram, Blackberry messenger, Viber, SnapChat, Wechat and the rest are examples of instant messengers.

You can send out messages as broadcasts through any of them or send your messages one by one to those you want to market to.

2. Social Media:

luxury golden social media icons pack 47641 1 - 27 ONLINE MARKETING TIPS.

Many people are having a hard time to differentiate between social media and instant messenger. The two are not the same and I won’t be doing much on their similarities and differences in this article rather, I will be focusing on how you can use them effectively for your business growth and profit.

You can use social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google+, Pin Interest and the rest to market your product on the internet.

Posting on your product or service with its benefits and descriptions on your timelines will help your product or service to gain more attention over the internet.

The truth is this, many of your followers sometimes need what you are selling or offering and by the only way to show them that you are selling them is to post them online continuously for them to see.

3. Chat Bot:

The likes of the Facebook chatbot, Google chatbot can also help you to reach out to many customers over the internet. 

Some of these Chatbots are free to use while some are paid but irrespective of how they are, they are good for your marketing promotion and using them will be a good advantage to your business.

4. SMS Marketing:

Some will say the era of SMS marketing is over but let me tell you, SMS marketing is not dead nor its era is over.

It is one of the best ways you can reach your customers over the internet. Sending SMS to your customers will not only make your brand stay at the breast of your customers’ mind but it will also increase your sales

5. E-mail Marketing:

While some online marketers still look down on email marketing for their business growth, some are really working hard growing their email subscriber’s lists because they know its value.

Learn how to increase your business sales and profit through email marketing. There are many email marketing software or company you can use for free and move to the paid as you grow if you cannot afford to start with the paid ones.

6. Affiliate Marketing:

Another way you can increase your business sales and profit is through affiliate marketing but it is not meant for the greedy because it is a business of leveraging on other marketers to make sales for you while they earn commissions on any sales they make.

7. Content Marketing:

woman writing content is king notebook 53876 77553 - 27 ONLINE MARKETING TIPS.
Woman writing Content is king on a notebook

As we all know, content is the king when it comes to internet marketing. If you know how to draft good content that will take the attention of people over the internet, then you are at the bridge of making extra income on the internet and with your contents, you can promote what you are selling but it must be done in logic form and tactically so that it won’t look like you are really selling.

Learn to market like you are not marketing with your contents.

8. Story Telling:

This is almost the same thing with content marketing but they are different.

With storytelling, you can promote what you are selling on the internet. Telling stories (friction or non-friction stories) can help you to reach out to those who need your product or service fast if it is done properly too just like content.

You must learn how to market as if you are not marketing and how to put a call to actions in your stories that will drive your readers or listeners to take actions.

9. Information Marketing:

This is another side of internet marketing that can make your product or service sell fast. With information marketing which is the process of sharing useful information over the internet just like this article, can help you scale through in your business over the internet.

Information marketing has the same rules with storytelling and content marketing because when you are including your marketing promotion, it must be done politely and it should not expose you like a “come-and-buy marketer”

You need to learn how to market like you are not marketing if you must use it.

10. Pay Per Click:

This is similar to affiliating marketing but the difference is that with pay per click, the marketers promoting your brand will not only earn commission on sales alone, they will also earn commission once there is a click on the link you generate for them.

Affiliating marketing marketers only earn a commission when there is sale while Pay per click marketers earn a commission when there is a sale and when someone clicks the link or code generated for them.

11. Push Notification:

With push notification, if you integrate it with your blog or website can also help you to make more sales on the internet.

What it does is that if there is an updating or a new post on your website or blog, push notification will show it on the browsers of those customers that enable it on their browsers that there is the latest update, news, or whatever you publish on your blog or website.

12. Blog/Website:

If you want to run proper business over the internet, you need a blog or a website.

Do not think you can run a business on the internet without a website or blog.

I am not saying that you cannot leverage on social media but social media has its own limit. Most of these marketing tips I am sharing in this article cannot be used with social media unless you have a blog or website and mind you, blog and website are not the same things.

So, get a blog and learn how to use it with good contents, storytelling, information marketing, etc to promote your business or get a website either a business website or an e-commerce website for your business.

13. Landing page:

This is different from a blog and a website. They look similar but they are different.

You can use a landing page to generate more sales and profit for your business if done properly.

You can leverage on this should in case you do not have a website or a blog or if you have any of the two or the two to make more sales. Some landing pages are free to use.

14. Podcast:

woman listening music from phone 53876 72132 - 27 ONLINE MARKETING TIPS.
Woman listening to music from the phone

Recording audio and use it to promote your product on the internet is logic you can use to market your product on the internet.

When you are doing this also, you must do it properly so that your listeners will not feel bad when they are listening to it because if all you do is promoting your market rather showing them the purpose that led them to download or listening to the podcast, I can tell you that they may not come back and listen to your podcast anymore.

15. Video:

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Video is another digital tool that is very effective and one of the best and the most useful digital tools so far.

With video either short or long, you can reach more customers and at the end, generate more sales. 

The video can be a live video or recorded video too.

16. Live Chat:

Integrating live chat at the widget of your blog or website can assist you to make more sales over the internet. If you integrate it properly, it can also help you to increase your email list or database.

Live chat can also communicate with your customers when you are not online if you set the FAQ properly or use AI to trigger the discussion.

17. Online Training:

Online training can also help you to increase the sales of your business. Organizing online training and promoting what you are offering during or after the training can also generate you more profit.

This online training can be a live training or a re-play and it can be a free training or paid training too.

It can be a Facebook live, Instagram Live, Twitter Live, Linkedin Live, Youtube Live, Webinar, virtual submit, Whatsapp or Telegram training and the rest.

Make sure those who come around for the training get what they want rather than selling to them without giving them what they are looking for.

Let the training be outstanding and full of purpose.

18. Search Engine Optimization (SEO):

With SEO, you can get more customers if done properly. If you set your SEO properly, your brand can reach new customers who are searching for what you are selling.

19. Forum/Group Discussions:

Joining forum or group discussions platforms to promote what you are selling is also a very good tactic you can use to market your product on the internet.

Join as many forum or group discussions as you can and leverage on them to market your products.


20. Influencer Marketing:

This is one of the most useful online marketing so far.

Using someone who has an influence on the internet or who command people on the internet to promote your brand on your behalf is a good business tactic.

It could be in the form of a giveaway or any other form.

21. Ask For Help:

Asking people, your friends or connections on the internet to help you promote your product on the internet is not a bad thing and you will be surprised that some people will be glad to do it.

Until when you ask some to do it for you, they won’t do it.

A little word like, “please share this post” can bring more sales to you if you are not arrogant or shy of doing that or asking for the help.

22. E-book:

You can write an e-book on a subject and promote your brand in it.

This concept is allowed but, let those who read the e-book get what they want.

Do not just focus on what you want to sell alone, focus more on what you are sharing and tactically promote your product inside it.

23. E-flyer or Display Picture (DP):

With e-flyer or DP, you can communicate what you are selling to your audience on the internet.

Good looking and creative e-flyer can be a good source of marketing for you on the internet.

Let the flyer be unique with the necessary details that must be on it.

24. Leverage:

colleagues giving fist bump 53876 64857 - 27 ONLINE MARKETING TIPS.
Colleagues giving a fist bump

Leverage with other people who can help your brand.

Share other people’s post on your timelines and you will be surprised that they will start doing the same too.

Leverage, learn how to leverage more with others.

25. Paid Adverts:

A paid advert is one the best way you can reach new customers fast.

The likes of Facebook ads, Instagram ads, Google Ads, YouTube Ads and the rest can make your brand to go viral and I must let you know that the cheapest form of marketing of our era is online ads.

With as low as N500, you can get your brand in front of more customers on the internet.

Online paid ads are a necessity if you want to run proper business over the internet.

26. Pixel:

Install pixel on your blog or website so that it will help you to track those who visited your website or blog and at the end, you can remarket them with paid ads in the future.

It is ideal to install the pixel on your blog or website and do that as soon as you launch your website or blog.

27. Build Community:

Build your online community on social media.

You can create a group on social media and on instant messenger and use the group to promote what you are selling.

Above all, learn how to market like you are not marketing.

Leave us feedback in the comment box and subscribe to our newsletter.

See you at the top and I wish you greater heights.

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