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hot coffee cup with newspaper morning 59286 35 - 3 SKILLS YOU NEED FOR THE FUTURE.

Yes, the three skills you need to run the race in the future is not
far from you.

One of them is at your disposal at the moment while one has to be
paid for before you can get it while the last can either be paid for or acquire

You need all of them and you must find the means to get acquire them and how to make use of them.

Things may get worse for those who do not have these 3 skills in the future as the world is built around them.

You don’t have them? Then, get them.

If you fail to acquire them, you may be doom in the future and I
know you won’t want that and I don’t want that for you too and that is why I am
sharing this piece with you.

So, do not take this write-up carelessly.


Contrary to the widespread lately that education is a scam because
of the advent of the technology, the truth remains the fact that education is
not a scam and it will never be.

Future will rely mostly on education. No lie about this. If you want to disagree, you are free to do but let me say this before you finally make your decision that it is as the result of education that you are reading this article.

If education is a scam, you may not be reading this article.

How much education you need to get is not what I am here to share
on rather, I am here to let you know that ability to read and write will be a necessity
in the future.

Not only the ability to read and write alone, how to add, subtract, multiply and divide (mathematics or calculation) also needed.

If you can master this little basic education, I can assure you that the future will not brag on you or scare you.

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2. IDEA:

Idea is ruling the world and it will continue to do for a long time. Many will be reckoned with in the future just because of the way the utilize their ideas.

If you must prepare for the future, be creative with your idea.

Never take for granted your idea.

Idea will make rooms for you, it will be a shining light on your paths. Never take it for granted.

Create time for yourself to generate a good idea.

Be active with your brain-storming and mind-storming.

Read books, articles, journals, researches, biographies, etc that
will help you to be productive with your idea creation. Listen and watch
educative programs too. Network with timbers and calibers of men and women around

Remember the popular slogan, idea rules the world. It will rules
the future too.

With a speed of thought, you may cause a change globally and you can be phenomenal too.


The world has built on technology already and what you need is to equip yourself on how to make good uses of it.

It is high time for you to stand up and go out there and get the necessary
skills you needed around this part – technology.

You need to familiarize yourself on how it works and what makes it work and how you can benefit from it.

Learn how to build a website, APP, and software. Get yourself familiar with icons, signs, tools, and the rest.

If there is anything you do not need in the future, technology is
not the thing and if there is one skill you should never take for granted, it
is technology.

Prepare and get set for the future.

Among these three skills, which one you think is very important to

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