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I called the logic you can use to sell your products or services on the internet vehicles not because they are physical vehicles we drove on the roads but because they are what we use to drive customers or gain more attention on the internet.

instead, they are vehicles because they are what we use on the internet to sell our products and services

Irrespective of what you offer online, you need all of them to be able to reach out to your target audience on the internet and without them or any of them, no way you can sell your products and services on the internet.

Without much ado, let me go straight to these four vehicles and remember to share this article because you never know who may need it.

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Display picture is one of the means you can use to reach out to your audience on the internet.

Some called it e-flyer or flyer but whatsoever its name may be, DP is still one of the best means of reaching out to customers on the internet.

Creating an eye-catching display picture will help you to make more sales on the internet if it is properly blended with creativity and simplicity.

Example of e-flyer

Display picture has been in existence for a while now.

It can be used as a profile picture or for a post on the internet.

When using DP, make sure it is eye-catching and it is not affected with too much information.

Use good image blended with good color(s) and make sure you include the necessary details such as the message you want to convey to the customer and your contact details.


The textual or writing form is what I am using right now to get this message to you.

You can use text to get into with your customers on the internet. It is one of the most common ways of reaching customers on the internet.

It is affordable and almost everyone can use it unlike other forms that may need guidance before embarking on any of them but the textual form does not really need any expertise to get started.

Writing short messages or long messages to reach customers wherever they are will not only help your company to gain more attention but it will lead to an increase in sales.

When using the textual form to reach your customers, make sure it is not ambiguous. Check your grammar and the spelling very well before you send them to your customers and make sure also that the message conveys necessary things it ought to carry such as the message you are passing to your customers or what you want them to do or know and your contact.

It will do you good if you master the art of content marketing and storytelling as these will help you to reach your customers fast.


Audio message or podcast is another avenue you can use to reach your customers on the internet.

The message does not really necessary to be long but it must carry the necessary things you want your customers to know.

Though the majority of internet marketers have not taken this aspect so serious. The truth remains the fact that it is the second best ways of reaching your customers on the internet.

Audio recordings connect customers with the sellers more far better than the two aforementioned above.

With your mobile phone, you can do a record and post online for your customers to listen to and take step concerning what you are selling to them.

When using the podcast to reach your customers on the internet, make sure it has all the necessary messages or details you are passing to your customers and never forget to include your contacts too.


The last among the four vehicles you can use to reach your customers on the internet is video recordings.

Video is the best form of reaching your customers on the internet. Though, many people still see some videos as data consuming but nevertheless, people watch videos on the internet.

Video is the best among the other vehicles we use online because it allows people to see what you are telling them.

Make sure it has all the necessary details too.

Writing by Mayowa Onabanjo

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