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Goal failure is one of the things that common among the goal setters but that does not mean it is the end because it has solutions.

Parts of those solutions are what I will be sharing in this article but this article does not prove to provide the result you need but if you find any of the points worth of using, then good luck but I have used these ten points I mentioned below and they have work for me over time and that is why I am sharing it with you should in case they may work for you too.

Also, it is not a new thing or news anymore that people failed in their goal settings.

The truth remains the fact that some of the reasons that caused this failure are either controllable or uncontrollable but irrespective of what they may be, it is very paramount that we do something about failures or failed goals.

How do you deal with this issue?

1. Re-Check Your Goal:

I could remember sometimes ago when I online my goal for a month and I was unable to fulfill it because of the unnecessary things I piled up.

May be the same is your case too.

Go and revisit your goal and check whether you need to add or subtract.

Either of the two or the two may need adjustment.

One will surely be the problem or the two.

2. Re-Strategize:

There is a common saying among the Yoruba ethnic in Nigeria that “when a man falls down from a horse, he should re-climb the horse again”

You need to apply the same mindset too.

Look for better alternatives to achieve your goals. Study what made failed and write out action plans on how you can overcome it.

3. Seek For More knowledge:

Sometimes, all you need to overcome your failure is more knowledge on how to make your goal work out.

Information is mostly reached this time unlike before because we have much information on the internet but only a few are leverage on it. One of the most common use information sources this time is the online – web.

Hardly is there any information that is not on the internet but, as I said above, only a few are taking the chance or the opportunity.

As for me, I use Quora, Youtube, Google, Skillshare, Wikipedia, online forums, group discussions, etc to source for information online.

4. Seek For Help:

Seek for help. Do not assume you know it all or you can do it all.    

Admit that you have a problem with your goal setting and seek help from reliable people around you.

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I will suggest you reach out to those who have gone ahead of you for help.

Let me guide you here because someone asks you to do something does not mean it will bring a solution to your problem.

You have to weigh every man’s opinion or suggestion before you can conclude or make your decision.

Not all pieces of advice are useful and at the same time, you have to do your proper assessment before you discard any idea or suggestion.

5. Know Your Core Weakness And Strength:

We all have our core competences.

We have our strength and weakness too. They are neither crime nor big deal, make your findings around, you will later agree with me after your findings that we all have them.

Discover yours and learn how to handle and manage them.

6. Work More And Work Smart:

Even if you hire the best coaches or the best experts to help you solve your problem, they will still bring everything on you – to work more and work smart.

You need to know that you have to work more and work smart also. That could be the reason you failed and if it is, then, do not waste time to do the right thing.

Remember, the more you do, the more you will get and the earlier you start the better it will be

7. Stay Calm And Avoid Pressure:

The best way to respond to failure or failed goal is to stay calm and avoid pressure because if you do not, the end result may not be the best option.

Stay calm and never be in a hurry or under pressure.

You can take break or relax yourself then, revisit it later.

Be calm and take a calculative measure that will not come back to hurt you more.


8. Rebuild Your Inner Strength And Energy:

One of the common things that happen to people when they failed is lack of inner strength or mind and energy.

Many people including the experts and the successful we are hearing their names have faced these two challenges before but what kept them moving was the fact that they re-organized their inner strength and energy and move ahead.

You have to do the same too. Remember the Yoruba ethic I used their illustration earlier on.

9. Build Team, Network And Leverage More:

Build a team and network. A single tree can make a forest, look for trusted and reliable people you can team and network with.

If you cannot see any around you, leverage on the internet.

With the internet, you can build your own team and network.

Take this tip when building your team, as a coach carefully selects his team so you should carefully choose your own team too.

Also, leverage more with the people around you and never underrate anyone because that person you want to underrate may have a solution to your problem or know someone who can help you

10. Above All, Be Prayerful.

I say this because I believe in it and it works but if you do not believe in it, no problem with that and I have no grudge with you.

I use it and that is why I am recommending it because I have several proofs that it works for me and for some people I know.

Pray and pray more but let your doing be greater than your prayer.

I wish you greater heights as you step out in the journey of the second half of this year

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