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This is the first stage of success.

You need to believe that you will succeed irrespective of the circumstances that may surround you.

While others are doubting, yours should be to believe.

Douting and believing take the same process.


Plan yourself.

Don’t go wild with what you are seeing around you or facing.

Just sit down and look for a lasting solution

With the right master plan in place, the journey will be easy.

It is only the fools that go-ahead to build a house without planning.


After you have planned yourself, you still need to go further and that is to STUDY what you want to do very well and know the fastest track to its success.

The fastest track to the success of what you want to do is very important before you embark on it and you can only discover this by doing or engaging in rigorous study or research


The next inline here to make your decision.

If what you want to do is worth doing, then do not delay it because many creative minds are also brainstorming on that project too.

Kickstart without further delay but if you are yet too sure of the success of what you want to do, I will urge you to go back into your study room and do more study on it.


procrastination is one of the greatest enemies of success.

It starts with I will do it later and before you know, it becomes a thing of the past

That is what procrastination can do for you

Do not tolerate it and never give it a chance because it will do to you more evil than good

In fact, I can boldly say that it won’t give you up to 2% of good tidings.

Chase it away from your surroundings and never give it a face to look

Is dangerous than the serpent


Smart and hard work doesn’t kill

It is idleness and lazy that kill

To be candid, an idle hand is an instrument in the hand of the devil

Take your work seriously and never play with it

Give your career what you know that it is right, noble and of good reports

Like I said earlier on, discover the fast track to the success of what you want to do and then leverage on it.

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Do not substitute prayer in the place of work and do not substitute work in the place of prayer too

Learn how the two work and how they support each other.

Stop wishing all the goodies and start working towards building sustainable goodies for yourself


The farther you go always remember that investment is key to the growth of what you want to create

Invest more in your knowledge and invest your hard earning money wisely too

Do not blow away your hard-earned money and before you look, always leap.


Persistence is the hallmark of success

You must be constant and persistence in whatever you are doing

Rome was not built in a day, so you need to continue to hit the wall of Jericho or Berlin that may confront you

The wall of Jericho or Berlin that I mean here is just the stumbling blocks that may surface

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Continue to blossom,

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