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I have had many people asking me several times on what they can do on the internet that can earn them money.

So, I decided to work on this article.

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1. Blogging and Information Marketing:

This is one of the best ways you can make money on the internet. You can pick a niche that is suitable for you and start developing contents in that area.

You can from news sharing to information or any other thing you feel good for you and for your audience.

2. Video, Audio and Course Monetization:

Video, audio and course monetization is another way you can look into if you want to make money on the internet.

Create a video, audio or develop a course on a topic that people need and ask them to pay before they can have access to it.

This has created consistent income to many on the internet and you can be the next to join and there is no limit to what you can work on but make sure that your audience gets the money value of what you are going to share.

3. Affiliate Marketing and Multi-level Marketing:

If you are a master of this side of internet business and you will rake in good money.

To start this, you don’t need a blog or website but if you can have any of them, it will be a plus for you.

You can start with your social media for a starting and then get either blog or website later.

There are many websites that have an affiliating link on their websites. What you need is sign up with them and start promoting their products or services and you will earn a commission once there are sales from you.

Going into affiliating marketing and multi-level marketing will also generate you good income on the internet.

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4. Network Marketing:

Well, the reason I included this is because it is one of the fastest-growing business that many people are venturing into but don’t put all your eggs in one basket and always do A and B test if you want to go into this business.

Though it is a business that has so many rejections but, it has made many wealthy. Look for one you trust and join.

Work with groups more rather than individuals

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5. Real Estate:

To become a real estate tycoon is very easy nowadays with the power of the internet unlike before that many people have to struggle to make deals

The Internet has made this business easy to do.

What you need, look for a real estate company and become their marketer or partner and start marketing on the internet and get a commission on any deal you close.

It is simple to start but make sure you have a writing agreement with the company you want to work with because human being can be so funny sometimes.

6. Mobile Marketing:

We can’t talk about the business that has a good and brighter future without mentioning mobile marketing.

Major key areas in this business are the Short Code, Bulk SMS, Mobile App, etc.

You can start selling bulk SMS on the internet or be a shortcode and mobile app developer.

7. Digital Marketing:

Many people are really making money from this part of the online business.

If there is anything you want to overlook and forsake in this our generation, it shouldn’t be digital marketing.

Be a digital marketing expert and start rendering the service on the internet.

Some of the areas you can come into as a digital marketer are: social media manager, content creator, PR, etc

8. E-Commerce:

E-commerce business has come to stay. Wikipedia defines it is as the activities of buying and selling on the internet

I will focus on selling because we are talking about making money on the internet.

Start selling something on the internet if you want to make money on the internet.

Start small but don’t remain small. Always find your way to the top.

9. Mini-Importation and Drop-Shipping:

This is another business that can generate you a good income and the good part of it is that you can start it with less than N20,000 and if you can start with more than that, that is a plus.

Mini importation as its name implies is a form of buying or importing small goods from abroad with the aim of reselling them while drop-shipping is the act of buying goods from a seller and sell it directly to the buyer without you having to warehouse them.

The seller shipped the goods directly, based on your instruction to your customers without having to bring the goods to come down to your door.

10. Domain Hosting / Flipping and Reselling:

Another area you can make good money on the internet is to host a domain name or become a reseller of a domain name.

Domain name resellers are really making cool cash on the internet as many people are continuing to buy domain names for their websites and host them online too.

11. Freelancing:

Becoming a freelancer agent on the internet will also generate you a good income.

Many people are already making good money from this business

Graphic artists, web developers, writers, editors, proofreaders, etc dominate this business and you can also register yourself in their midst.

There are many websites you can partner or register with.

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12. Software Creation:

Another way you can generate a good income on the internet is to be a software creator.

You will make good money because many companies and individuals need the services of software developers around the globe and the good news is that you can be in the comfort of your domain while working for a client outside your country or from anywhere in the world.

13. Agricultural Business:

Agri-business is another business we have to consider.

This article will be incomplete if I don’t mention agricultural business

You can start selling your Agric business on the internet and you can start it with little or no capital.

To start with no capital, use the method of real estate I mentioned above

14. Forex Trading, Cryptocurrency:

These businesses are die-hard businesses and many people are making money through it on the internet and you can join them but don’t put all your eggs in one basket.

15. Coaching:

Lately, one of the fastest growing business on the internet is online coaching.

You can make a good living by becoming a coach on the internet

It is booming fast and you can join the wagon.

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Writing by: Mayowa Onabanjo

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